Friday, July 12, 2013


Singapore, probably the most 'western' city in Asia, is a place we'd been wanting to explore for a while, and it lived up to our expectations. 
Upon arriving, the Changi airport set us up for how great of a city it would be.  It's mainly made up of Indians, Chinese, and Malaysians giving the city a very unique, eclectic vibe.  Its amazingly clean streets are full of business men and women, but it's also got nooks and crannies full of culture. 
Little India was such a neat area! With many women wearing beautiful sarees, Little India is packed full of color! We ate at a restaurant where lots of locals were, and had one of the best meals ever- a North Indian platter.  The streets were lined with saree shops, gold jewelers and markets. 
Next, we checked out Chinatown where the streets were full of shops with all sorts of trinket imports.  We ate at the Maxwell hawker center in Chinatown which was also another amazing meal! Singapore didn't let us down on food! Hawker centers are basically covered outdoor food courts, and it's a common way the locals eat. We also went to a couple temples- Sri Mariamman, a Hindu temple, and the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.  The Buddha Tooth Relic was so ornately decorated and was full of monks and worshippers which was fun for us to see! 
We also went to a couple other Hindu and Buddhist temples in Singapore which were busy with worshippers.  The streets outside the temples had vendors selling flowers and incense for the worshippers to use. 
The highlight of our Singapore trip was the Marina Bay Sands! It's 3 towers that are all connected at the top.  We went to the Ku De Ta lounge on the top of the towers for drinks and to watch the sun go down over Singapore. It was truly dreamy! 
Will we go back to Singapore? Probably not unless it's a layover because we felt we got to see and do all we wanted, but we loved our experience there and would highly recommend it to other travelers! 

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