Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wrapping it up

We are finally back home!! It took a fabulous 48 hours to get back due to a typhoon in our layover city of Taipei.  Luckily, China Airlines put us in a nice, brand new hotel to wait out the delay.  It was frustrating, but China Airlines took care of us, and we are home now!  But I still want to post about our last stay in Bali.

After coming back to Bali from Singapore, we stayed in Seminyak to be close to the airport for departure.  I booked an amazing villa for us with a private pool!  The living room had only 3 walls so it was open to the pool area, but the bedroom was enclosed with a glass wall to look out at the pool.  We were blown away when we stepped foot in that place!  Bali is known for it's private pool villas, but we didn't book one last trip.  We tried our best to enjoy it, but we were a bit stressed out about the typhoon and the delay of our flight and the uncertainty of when or how we were getting back home.

That was just a small bump in the road, and overall, we are so thankful we got to experience Bali twice so far with two total different experiences.  We love that island for so many reasons, but especially because it is so different from where we live.  They eat ferns and catch dragonflies with sticky spider webs to make dragonfly soup.  They celebrate everything with the most beautiful ceremonies with handmade decorations.  They honor family tradition and center their lives around religion.  The most beautiful thing to me is that they live in a way where Spirit, Nature and Man work in harmony together.  How beautiful the world would be if we all lived by that philosophy!

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