Monday, September 2, 2013

Our first Dubai experience

Y'all, Dubai is just as fancy as everyone claims it is! And our first hotel was over-the-top crazy fancy! It reminded us of palaces we saw in Italy.. Opulent is the only word I can muster to describe the beauty.
It was Joshua's idea to stay on the Palm Jumeirah which is a man-made island in the shape of a palm tree. It sits right off mainland Dubai on the Persian Gulf and has a few hotels on the outskirts and houses in the center.  Once the taxi parked in front of our hotel, Jumeirah Zabeel Saray, we knew we were in for something very special!
Everything was oversized, gold, decadent and insanely opulent. HUGE chandeliers everywhere! Our room was just a regular room that faced the ocean, but the decor was very pretty, and the bathroom was my favorite part! 
We decided to head straight outside, despite the 100°+ temp, and check out the pool and spend time on the beach. Y'all, we swam off the Palm Island Jumeirah in the Persian Gulf! We still can't believe that! The water was very still like a lake beach. I assume it was because of the palm, and the water was very warm!  After our few hours at the beach, we got freshened up for dinner. 
We had 12 restaurant choices at the hotel, and we opted for Amala, the Indian cuisine.  Each restaurant had people from the specific region of the cuisine working there which we found interesting.  Amala was really unique in that it was buffet style, but the buffet came to us.  We told the waiter what we eat/don't eat, and he brought us plates upon plates to try.  We both agree that out of all our amazing dining experiences, Amala was the best..unfortunely, the most expensive too.  But it was well worth it! It's Dubai and to be expected.
After dinner, we hit up a cigar bar per Joshua's request.  It was totally up his alley! The waiter presented several types of cigars that fit Joshua's description of his liking, and he chose one while I sipped my wine and enjoyed the atmosphere.  
As we sat in the swanky cigar bar, we mostly recapped how amazing dinner was and how beautiful the hotel was, but we also enjoyed the time and experience together.  So far, Dubai is nice! Reallllly nice! 

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