Friday, September 6, 2013

Dubai cont...

We only stayed on The Palm for a night because we wanted the experience, but it was too far away to be able to get out and enjoy the city.  So we moved hotels to the Park Regis Kris Kin.  We chose that hotel because the rooftop pool had an amazing view of downtown Dubai with the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.
We'd gotten tickets to the observation deck at the Burj in advance so we headed straight there after checking in! We had to wait a little while for our time slot so we wandered around the Dubai Mall, the world's largest mall. That place is seriously insane!!!  We could not believe the size! Luckily, they had signs everywhere, but we still got turned around a few times.  Finally, our time came for the 'At the Top' observation deck of the Burj Khalifa.  This was a big moment for Joshua.  He's been looking up facts and videos on that building for a couple years now, and we actually got the experience of going inside.  It's 209 floors with the observation deck being on the 124th.  Up there, we towered over all the other skyscrapers even though we were only about halfway up.  I'm not sure why they put the deck on that floor since it goes so much higher, but I did get a nosebleed so maybe that has something to do with it.  Joshua was like a kid in a candy store...a little scared one though.  Poor thing doesn't like heights, but he still loved getting to see this amazing structure.  
We did so many other cool things in Dubai.  Souks are traditional middle eastern shopping areas so we visited a couple of those.  We saw the amazing Dubai fountains which happened to be one of my favorite parts! We went to the Medinat Jumeirah which is like a city in a city that has amazing views of the Burj al Arab, the sail-looking hotel building that is iconic to Dubai.  We saw the Dubai Marina with beautiful boats surrounded by tall skyscrapers, and luckily, most things we did were all indoors! That was heavenly considering it was 100°+ with crazy humidity!  It was much more intense than the heat back home!  
We also went out the nights we were there!  Our favorite place was Neos on the 64th floor of The Address Hotel.  We got an amazing window seat overlooking the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai fountains.  
Lastly, I have to mention the people!  They were all very nice and welcoming, and many wore their local attire which was so neat to see.  The men wore an all white thobe which is basically an ankle length robe with a guthra, a piece of fabric draped over the head held in place by a rope.  The women wore all black abayas which were flowing black robes with their hair completely covered.  Some women even covered their hands and face but only had their eyes showing.  We even saw a few that veiled their eyes with black lace. This is typical Dubai attire, but we also heard a lot of those people were from Saudi Arabia.  Even though the ladies were completely covered, they still carried high end designer bags and many had designer sunglasses too.   I saw a lady with a $4k Chanel bag, a Chanel shopping sack and a Rolex.. Oh the money in that city!!

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