Friday, March 8, 2013

This is the life!

We rented a car in Rome to head down to the dreamy Amalfi Coast.  After the anxiety packed car ride from Rome to Sorrento, I was ready to relax, and this was just the place! The entire drive down was really quite beautiful, but the cliffs were a bit freaky.

When we drove up to Hotel Belair, we were actually parked on top and had to ride an elevator down because it was built into the side of the mountain. Our room was great and spacious, and best of all, we had a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean. I woke up during the night just to take a look at the boats and beautiful lights shining on the water. Our breakfast area and hotel pool were also both overlooking the ocean which gave us some time to unwind after lots of touring all around Italy. Sorrento was the most perfect place to cap off the trip!
The Amalfi Coast is known for lemons which can grow to the size of a melon! It sure makes some tasty lemoncello which is exactly what we enjoyed after meals. This area is also known for pottery, olive oil and handmade sandals. I found a great little shop where a man put together shoes just for me!  We did lots of shopping and lots of eating!

Sorrento was the last stop on our Italian honeymoon, and we were quite sad to leave. The food, history, art and culture are some of the best in the world. Maybe the hubs will take me back for an anniversary! hmmmmm

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