Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Venice, Italy

After flying the day after our wedding from the states to Rome and hopping on a 4 hour train, we were happy to begin our honeymoon in the romanic land of Venezia, Italia-- does this mean pizza, pasta, gelato and wine all day, every day? YES! And that's exactly what we did! We made a deal that we would eat real Italian gelato every day of our 9 day honeymoon.

Once we got off the train, we were within walking distance to our hotel which is why I chose it.  We had luggage to tote so convenience was necessary.  The Boscolo Bellini Hotel was perfect for our stay!  The room was small, and the bathroom was large, like most typical European hotels.  It was decorated in a traditional Venetian style which added to its charm.  My most favorite thing about the Boscolo Bellini was that it faces the Grand Canal, and we could open the window to fall asleep and wake up to the beautiful Italian sounds of the water, accordion players and the dreamy Italian accent of the walkers by.

Venice is just beyond amazing! I had heard that it can get smelly from the water, but we had no such experience. It's a great little town to get lost in, on purpose. We walked for hours along the little sidewalks, taking in the scents and sounds of our first experience of Italy. It's cozy, the people are friendly, and the food is great. I had my first experience with truffle oil on a patio overlooking the Grand Canal, and boy did I fall in love! Truffle oil is to die for! And so are the patios overlooking the canal!

     We did all the typical touristy things- San Marco Square, gondola ride, etc. but our very favorite moment was when we sat at an outdoor cafe overlooking the water with some wine, peroni, a Cuban cigar and my new found love... crispies!!!!! Okay, okay.. crispies are really just potato chips, but the Italians call them crispies and eat them when they drink wine. Why on earth have I not thought of this brilliant idea before? Crispies and wine are amazing together!!! So we just sat on the edge of this cafe drinking wine, smoking a cigar, and eating crispies. Married life is good in Italy.

Eating Crispies

On the gondola

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