Saturday, March 16, 2013

Wayan Lia

The Balinese have a system of names using only 4 names.  The first born is Wayan, the second is Made, the third is Nyoman, and the fourth is Ketut.  If there is a fifth, it starts back over with Wayan again.  Our driver I found in Bali uses the name Wayan Lia to set himself apart for tourists.

Trip Advisor has a list of drivers that have gotten multiple good reviews from people that have used them in the Trip Advisor community.  I emailed about 4 and got responses back from each, but something really stood out about Wayan's response email.  He was very thorough and gave detailed information about his car and how he runs his business.  Something told me that he would be the best for us, and I'm so happy we used him.  I'm sure there are many great drivers in Bali, but we will always use Wayan Lia.

I sent him a list of things I wanted to see/do, and he took that and added a few things and made a fabulous intinerary for us.   He took us to a beautiful waterfall, several temples and had sarongs for us(required for both men and women for temple visits), markets, rice fields and terraces, great beaches, amazing moutain view, dance performances, and yummy restaurants.  He drove us around the country roads so we could see the Bali life, and he explained so much to us along the way.  He took us all over that glorious island and taught us so much about the culture and religion.  He knew what every plant was and was able to answer all million of my questions, and he really seemed very happy to teach us about Bali.

There is something very special about Wayan.  He is very kind and has a sweet energy about him.  You can really tell he loves his job and showing tourists the beauty Bali has to offer.  He loved showing us new things and teaching us all about his culture.  I don't think we would have had the experience we had if it weren't for Wayan. 

I am so grateful for our Bali friend, Wayan Lia.

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